What our clients say about us


I’ve always believed that the people we cross paths with are those meant to create a shift within us. Whether that’s to teach us something new, to see things from another point of view, or to remind us why and how we live. And in my life, Dr. Theresa R. Peter, D.C., M.S., CFMP did all of the above. On the day we met, she taught me that my son’s allergy and asthma could be aided through the food I served him and even wrote a homeopathic script for my son, Wesley, (which I still have to this day). Today, I’m confident in my son’s health because of the nutritional strategy I’ve upheld through the years. 
Thank you, Dr. Peter!”


“Dr. Peter is Awesome! She is tops in her field of Contact Reflex Analysis. There are not a lot of practitioners out there in this natural path branch of healing. It is a wonderful avenue to take if you want to get and stay healthy and Dr. Peters has dedicated herself to this natural way to super health. She is highly educated and skilled. You can trust and depend on her to help you on your way to great health!”


“I was feeling run down and had no energy. I am obese and have high blood pressure, and it had been over 25 years since I’ve seen a doctor. I was recommended by my brother who has been going to Health Up Wellness Center for many years. I came in because I knew something was wrong. Dr. Theresa Peter has taught me a lot about health and nutrition. I must always thank her for getting me on the right track. Dr. Peter encourages patients to do research on diet and nutrition. I truly believe Dr. Peter has basically saved my life. Listen to her and take notes. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the flood of information you will receive. Stick with your doctor-recommended program, follow-through, and stay focused.”


“Dr. Theresa Peter is a tremendous healer with a keen scientific mind. I count myself as most fortunate to be among her patients. When I realized that I would have to undergo chemo a few years ago, after finding a wonderful oncologist who understood naturopathic medicine, I scheduled sessions with Dr. Peter right along with my chemo sessions. I saw her shortly after each session so we could help my body cope with not only the chemical toxicity but also with processing the massive amounts of newly dead cells flooding my system. Then, during the part of the cycle when your body is allowed to recuperate just enough to withstand another chemo session, I would see Dr. Peter again so we could optimize whatever recuperation my body was capable of at that time. Following this protocol, I kind of sailed through my treatments. I had been terrified at the prospect and tried to prepare myself for the worst but it never came. I’m not saying it was fun! But, I kept waiting for the really terrible stuff to start and it didn’t.

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